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Install Flash on Ubuntu 12.04 (beta 2) – 64 Bits


After install Ubuntu 12.04 beta 2 - 64 bits to test it, I decided to try the Flash player. I decided to try the method created by Romeo-Adrian Cioba that I published Install Flash Player on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bits or Install Flash on Ubuntu 11.04 64 Bits.

native installer Flash Player 10.2 Preview 3
native installer Flash Player (Seems more stable)

Give execution permission:

$ chmod +x native-64bit-flash-installer.sh

Execute it: (It will close your firefox!)

$ ./native-64bit-flash-installer.sh

Tested and working!

Sadly the repository version is not working for me, but this one keeps working.

Enjoy it,


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Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2


Following the tests releases of Ubuntu 12.04, today I decided to install the last version available, the Ubuntu 12.04 beta 2, the last release before the final version. Ubuntu 12.04 release date is scheduled to April, 26 (as always, the last Thursday of April.)

To download Ubuntu 12.04 go to:
Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 2 - Download

To verify Ubuntu 12.04 release dates go to:
Ubuntu 12.04 Release Schedule

I tried the methods from Ubuntu 11.10 to go back to Gnome Classic, remove overlay scrollbar, change the menu buttons position and install the gconf-editor. Remove overlay scrollbar worked a little bit bugged, the design seems strange, but it worked. The other stuffs seems to work as normal

You can find the methods on:

Remove or disable the overlay scrollbar on Ubuntu 12.04

Change the menu buttons positions on Ubuntu 12.04

Going back to Gnome classic on Ubuntu 12.04

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