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Install Flash on Ubuntu 12.04 – 64 Bits


After install Ubuntu 12.04 - 64 bits to test it, I decided to try the Flash player. I decided to try the method created by Romeo-Adrian Cioba that I published Install Flash Player on Ubuntu 10.04 64 bits or Install Flash on Ubuntu 11.04 64 Bits.

native installer Flash Player 10.2 Preview 3
native installer Flash Player (Seems more stable)

Give execution permission:

$ chmod +x native-64bit-flash-installer.sh

Execute it: (It will close your firefox!)

$ ./native-64bit-flash-installer.sh

Tested and working!

Sadly the repository version is not working for me, but this one keeps working.

Enjoy it,

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Installing Java on Ubuntu 12.04 – 64 bits


After install my Ubuntu 12.04 and setup it I try to access my online banking. I couldn't access it, because the Java wasn't there. So here is how to Install Java on Ubuntu 12.04 (64 bits) and use it on firefox.


$ sudo apt-get install icedtea6-plugin

Now to have your Java working on firefox use:

$ sudo apt-get install icedtea-plugin

Close your browser, open and enjoy.

Best Regards,

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Remove or Disable Overlay Scrollbar – Ubuntu 12.04

Good Night,

Sadly (for me) the Scroll bar on Ubuntu 12.04 are still the same as Ubuntu 11.10. I particularly don't like it. So I tried the same method to disable the overlay scroll bar on Ubuntu 11.10 and Ubuntu 11.04, and it works! (I just tested the disable method.)

Use this:

# echo export LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 > /etc/X11/Xsession.d/80overlayscrollbars

If you try the other methods, please let us know if it works!

Remove or Disable Overlay Scrollbar – Ubuntu 11.10

Best Regards,,

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Changing the menu buttons positions on Ubuntu 12.04


I'm still setting up my Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin). Let's change the menu buttons (minimize, maximize, close) position to the right (again).

Open your Terminal

$ sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

Run it

$ gconf-editor

Go to "apps/metacity/general/"
Find "button_layout" and update the value to:


Save, logout, login. Done!

Best Regards,

PS: If you have any problem try to install "dconf-tools", open dconf-editor, close and then try to use this method again.

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Going back to Gnome Classic on Ubuntu 12.04

Good Night!

Everybody probably knows that today Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin was released. This version as some older one, doesn't have the Gnome installed by default so we need to install a package.


$ sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback

Logout. Press the gear and choose Gnome Classic.

That is it!